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INFINIA 3 BLACKBEE Basson Steady camera stabilizer, it's an 8 AXIS HYBRID CAMERA STABILIZER, with ELECTRONIC HORIZON, with the new ISOLATE ARM WITH DECOMPRESSOR with 6 springs for cameras from 1Lbs = 1/2kg up to 13lbs =6kgs, and without the gimbal head, the range of weight supported is from 6 Lbs = 3Kgs up to 27 lbs = 12,5 kgs.
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What's new about this model INFINIA 3 BLACKBEE?


Increased maximum payload without the rotary head instead of 5,5kgs, now support cameras up to 12,5kgs.


Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are up to 48cm length, 22cm height and 18cm width.


This NEW version has several differences, such as the new isolate arm with decompressor which reduces the fatigue and duplicates the time you can hold it.


In the lower part of the central post now includes a sliding base with two sockets for v-mount batteries, which allows having a better foot that helps to keep the stabilizer more stable and a better balance control since sliding this base helps Improve the rolling, due to the physical laws with greater foot better stability.


It comes with 3 v-mount sockets instead of 1, which increases the time of usage by 3.


The new gimbal handle puts total control over your camera into the palm of your hand, because now it has 3 articulated clamps with 1/4 male screw to attach any 5 inch or 7 inch monitor as well as a phone to control the camera via app, and a third clamp to attach a wireless lens control to control the zoom or focus of your lens.


Another tip is that you can use the female lighter plug that is located at the bottom of the center post, to plug any a male lighter plug with USB charger with dual outputs to power or to charge any of the accessories you may want to use with this new hybrid camera stabilizer. 


Today all new devices can be charged via USB, so you can take advantage of that and power or charge any device such as the wireless lens controller hand unit and motor, as well as any other device such as your Cell Phone that can be used to monitor and to take full control of your video camera via app, or to power any USB led light, you can also charge or power any USB power bank.  


For example on this photo we are using the the Male lighter plug Smart Car Finder from ZUS, that its not only a high quality dual USB charger but also a safety measure for the steady that thru an app on your cellphone will tell you where is your steady on a map.

So each time you turn on the camera stabilizer the app will point exactly where it is on a map thru the app on your cell phone.


The Electronic Rotary Head is Compatible with the following cameras:

Recommended for RED CINEMA CAMERAS or smaller in size and weight below 6kgs such as KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA, CANON C200, C300, CANON 5D, and all DSLRs full frame such as PANASONIC S1, S1R, SONY A7, NIKON D850.

Also compatible with BLACK MAGIC POCKET, and all micro 4/3 cameras such as PANASONIC GH5, GH5S, G9, Panasonic HC X1 4K Camcorder, Canon XF 400 & 405 4K Video Camera, Panasonic Hc-X1000 4K Camera, Panasonic AG DVX200 4K Pro Camcorder, Sony PXW-Z150 XDCAM Camcorder, Sony PXW-Z100 Pro 4k Camcorder, Sony FDRAX1 4K Video Camera, JVC HM-200 4K Camcorder, Sony FDR-AX100 4K Camera, JVC GY-HMQ10U 4K Camcorder, Sony PMW-F55 – Sonys Flagship for 4K, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Camera, Canon Cinema EOS C500 4K Camera, Sony NEX-FS700RH 4K Ready Super 35mm, and many more.


This new Basson Steady camera stabilizer 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizers are easy comparable to the Arri trinity rig, or to the mk-v ar rotary head systems, all different designs and products with one thing in common, all high end hybrid electro mechanic gimbal camera stabilizers. 

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If available the factory refurbished version, see carefully that the max payload is different when compaired to the regular version, so the Factory refurbished max payload is 6,5kgs inside the rotary head and without the rotary head is 12kgs, for more details on Factory refurbished items please go to SUPPORT section WARRANTY to read more.

INFINIA 3 BLACKBEE Basson Steady Camera stabilizer, payload 6kgs, or 12,5kgs