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One of the best Professional Photography and Video Stores in California U.S.A

At Basson Steady we always recommend to our followers and customers several websites related to our business, some of the recommendations are partners of us, some are friends of us, some are just links of interest.

We want to suggest sites like this one even if they do not resell our products due that our camera stabilizers are only sold direct from our factory to the end consumer worldwide without intermediaries.


Our mechanic and hybrid steadycam systems requires a few accessories that you can buy on Samy's for example:

- One 5"inch or 7" inch 12v Lcd monitor with HDMI in and out for the handle of the steadycam and one 7" inch lcd monitor for the bottom of the center post with HDMI in and out, we recommend the brands smallhd or Feelworld or similars.

- You also need any Stand for lights capable to support payloads of around 25kgs /50 Lbs at a height of 4 feet /1.30mts,

for example Manfrotto O70BU, Manfrotto 269BU, Manfrotto 256BUAC, Manfrotto 007BU, Manfrotto 008BU.

- And finally for the hybrid steadycams you need at least 3  V-MOUNT batteries one of them of 90wh and the other 2 can be bigger such as 130wh or 160 wh and its chargers.


A Store dedicated to Sell Professional PHOTOGRAPHY and FILMMAKING gear

with authority in the professional photography and video industry.



For over 40 years, Samy's Camera has been the leader in sales of high quality imaging products and the ultimate resource for the professional and amateur photographer.

Knowledgeable sales staff, exceptional customer service, and an impressive up-to-date inventory are the reasons that Samy's Camera enjoys a loyal following.

Samy founded Samy's Camera in 1976 with a vision for a full service store.

This vision is exemplified in all of our locations including our flagship store on Fairfax Boulevard, with three floors stocked with the latest and most exciting selection of photographic, video and electronics equipment available.

Samy's DV & Edit showroom in Playa del Rey offers the latest in broadcast video equipment for evaluation and demonstration.

Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to help with any video project.

In the past 15 years, Samy's Camera has expanded to include successful full-service stores in Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

We now provide this renowned service, information and product inventory nationwide at or 1-800-321-4SAMY.

Customer Service

you can call 1-800-321-4726

Phone Numbers

M-F 6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. PST, Sat. 9:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (Samy's Call Center)
Toll Free: 800-321-4726


Mailing Address

Return Packages
Samy's Camera
12636 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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Steadycam shop online

Hybrid steadycam rigs and mechanic steadycam rigs online store

The best online store for steadicam operators and filmmakers worldwide.

We are manufacturers and designers of professional steadycam systems, mechanic an hybrid steadycam gimbals.

Our prices in u$s dollars of our steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer includes FREE SHIPPING worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, also includes SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also includes FREE custom taxes up to 98%

Customer videos steadycam Basson Steady

Welcome to the Steadycam Basson Steady customer videos showcase

lose yourself in phenomenal videos all made using any of our steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizers within their filming equipment.

Submit your video to promote it within our website to appear on our

“Basson Steady Customer Videos ” web page.


Basson Steady Customer videos showcase

contact us by email to send us the link of your video.


For any other request from any country in the world give as a call from ny local phone from our contact section, or via WhatsApp to the following number +54 911- 4472-6757

from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday, the East Coast of the United States, we speak English and Spanish, we also understand some Italian and French.

Request Help: send us an e-mail to describe the product's issue and provide your purchase information.

A service case will be generated automatically for you.

See our worldwide contact phones for local support telephone numbers

for further information about Steadycam Basson Steady hybrid camera stabilization system

please visit our website: 


Contact us: 

Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer in U.S.A (United States)

For more information or for specific requests, please contact our customer service:

Tel Miami U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel / whatsapp: + (54911) 4472-6757

(Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00  (U.S.A East coast time)



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Warehouse in United States

Miami, FL 33126 - United States

+1 (305) 83-44752

Factory & Showroom

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel/ Whatsapp: + (54911) 4472-6757

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