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3 axis gimbal vs 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer gimbal review, best gimbals for filmmakers in 2021

Updated: Jan 6

Hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady 8 axis camera stabilizer model Endless

vs 3 axis gimbal dji Ronin or Freefly movi, best video camera stabilizers & gimbals in 2021

If you ever thought that saving some money buying a 3 axis gimbal like the ones from Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi will give you the same results in terms of performance and stability as buying a 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer gimbal system, well the answer is NO.

You may have seen already many comparisons between 3 axis gimbals such as the Dji Ronin or the or the Freefly Movi on youtube vs the classic mechanical camera stabilizer.

They find out whether a 3-axis electronic gimbal stabilizer such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi can indeed accomplish the similar camera moves like the mechanical camera stabilizer on multiple occasions and also at longer distances to the subject you are filming, and performs very well following a subject, going up or down on stairs, turning corners and more.

But they also realized that the 3 axis gimbals have many issues and It has several weaknesses when compared to the old classic mechanical camera stabilizer that already has 5 axis stabilization just by physics and due to the mechanical design.

This is the main reason that explains why the classic mechanical camera stabilizer were not replaced in the professional film industry and also explains why professional operators in Hollywood still use them as the main professional camera stabilizer.

Comparison between 3 Axis Gimbal vs 8 axis Hybrid gimbal camera stabilizer

Just to mention a few of the weaknesses of a 3-axis electronic gimbal stabilizer such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi, is the issue with the 4 axis or z axis or up and down movement while walking because they do not have a shock absorber arm to do that job for them.

Then other big weaknesses is that the 3 axis gimbals such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi do not use physics to stabilize the cameras its just electronic stabilization, and that has its consequences on the final result, as they do not have a weight on top and a weight at the bottom as a mechanical camera stabilizer has to help stabilize the cameras, they only depend on what electronics can do, so for that they consume most of the power and a lot of battery trying to correct the 100% of the stabilization.

On the contrary a hybrid gimbal camera stabilizer works with two different sources to stabilize a camera. First of all it uses the Free power of physics in combination with a double shock absorber arm to do the main stabilization job that in the hands of a professional solves the 90% to 97% of the total stabilization, and then uses an electronic board with electronic motors to do the fine tuning to correct the remaining 3% to 10% to achieve the perfect stabilization result with less than 1 degree of inclination error, so for this reason the electronic board does a better job than with a regular 3 axis gimbal.

Its like if a 3 axis gimbal would have a 5 axis control board with 5 motors to stabilize the worst part without consuming any batteries or any power, and then after processing the footage goes to a second electronic board also with electronic motors to stabilize again what the first board could not do.

Then the operator of a 3-axis electronic gimbal stabilizer such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi also has the issue of achieving an accurate framing specially when running in low mode, just by holding the 3 axis gimbal from the top handle, like when you see gimbal users running like crazy holding the 3 axis gimbals from the handle without caring about framing, reflections, noises and so on.

Another issue with a 3-axis electronic gimbal stabilizer such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi has the issue of trying to make accurate panning while making fast turns trying to keep the frame centered with the use of a joystick, something that with any camera stabilizer operator can accomplish easily with its hands with any classic mechanical camera stabilizer.

And finally the weight issue of mounting a digital cinema camera on the 3-axis electronic gimbal stabilizer such as the Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi, needs to be considered too.

The weight of a heavy weight cinema camera mounted on a mechanical camera stabilizer is perfectly distributed thru the whole operator’s body, due to that the hole weight is mounted to a comfortable vest which reduces the fatigue a lot, and also lets you carry much more weight for longer periods of time compared to any other 3 axis gimbal that all the mass of weight is on your arms.

The Dji Ronin or the Freefly movi 3 axis gimbals are lighter, but the hole pressure goes entirely on operators’ hands and shoulders making the 3 axis gimbal system impractical.

It’s a real challenge to walk around with a digital cinema camera such as a Red Epic or an Alexa mini, mounted on a 3 axis gimbal such as the Dji Ronin or the or the Freefly Movi for more than a couple minutes.

Both camera stabilizer systems the mechanical camera stabilizer as well as the electronic 3 axis gimbal such as the dji ronin or the freefly movi need a lot of practice and coordination to master either of these.

This is the main reason why a good camera stabilizer operator is well paid for the professional job they do.

Becoming a professional operator or a professional 3 axis gimbal operator requires practice and coordination to develop some skills and this takes some time, because its a serious profession that not only involves to have a great camera stabilizer but also your own brain, hands and arms must become one to frame a shoot and to achieve the look of a professional camera stabilizer style shoots.

Then you also need some time to understand that using a mechanical or hybrid camera stabilizer gimbal as a real professional, means that you have to learn that is for slow speed movements, its not for running like crazy as you mistakenly see on many youtube videos.

It is very common to see that when you put a wearable camera stabilizer to a person that never put one on his body, one of the first things they want to do is to run, and thats the first mistake to avoid, it is not for that.

To avoid that you need to calm down, take a deep breath, it also requires to have some control about breathing, to be concentrated on framing the shoot, specially due to the liberty you will have to move everywhere with a hybrid camera stabilizer gimbal camera stabilizer.

You will also need to learn how to move and walk, how to keep the distance between you and the subject, then you must also consider the effects of lights and reflections, zooming, panning, tilting, the audio noises, and more, and when the more accessories you add more things needs to be controlled by the camera stabilizer operator.

At Basson Steady camera stabilizer we decided to build a new game changer to help our customers to learn faster about how to become a professional camera stabilizer operator saving a lot of time on the education of your brain and hands, learning faster how to keep stable a camera to achieve professional camera stabilizer shoots.

So back in 2007 we developed the first version of a hybrid camera stabilizer called Constellation, and with time we incorporate new technology and we came with what we call today the New 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer model Endless, a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, taking all the advantages of both worlds.

We incorporate to a mechanical camera stabilizer the best of the electronic gimbal technology plus the experience of manufacturing and designing professional camera stabilizers for more than 22 years, to create the perfect hybrid camera stabilizer system ever made.

The new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer comes with an electronic board controller that will help you hold the camera horizontally stable all the time even if you do not have any skills as a professional camera stabilizer operator.

And with the new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer model Endless, you will still have the power to control the Pan with your hand on the gimbal as always as to point your camera wherever you want as with any mechanical camera stabilizer.

It's a ready to use hybrid camera stabilizer, you just need to put the camera inside the rotary head,

then balance it up and down, side to side and front to back, and then press the ON button to make it work.

You do not need to change the PID settings every time you put a different camera, you can run

cameras from 1 kg up to 8kgs without tweaking any PID settings, which is also impossible to achieve with any other 3 axis gimbal on the market such as the dji Ronin or with the Freefly movi.

So If you are looking to update your film gear to the new standards of professional camera stabilization system for the filmmaking industry, and if you are already tired of carrying a heavy weight cinema camera with your own hands on a handheld gimbal 3 axis stabilizer that doesn’t solve all the issues of stabilization, then you must consider investing on the new Basson Steady 8 axis Hybrid camera stabilizer model Endless, the most advanced camera stabilization system ever made.

The new 8 axis Hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady model Endless is a great option and a complete set up at an affordable price and the best choice for you, with excellent stabilization results.

You will achieve professional cinematic shoots at an affordable price starting at US$ 12.800.- scaling up to US$ 16.200.-

But, don’t take it from just us and hear what other professionals said about it.

In an independent Camera stabilization comparison, our new 8 axis Basson Steady camera stabilizer model Endless scored in top position as the best Vest system stabilizer.

Below you have just a few more reasons why Basson Steady hybrid camera stabilizer is the leading hybrid camera stabilization system alternative.

Hear it straight from other professional sources

According to the report from StudioBinder about 15 best camera stabilizer systems, they qualified the new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady model Endless as the best vest system stabilizer on the market.


Pros: This stabilizer is really fun to watch. If you ever get the chance to operate it, you’ll quickly begin to understand why so many engineers and scientists seem to be a common profession among comic book villains.

The Basson Endless 3 is the Mac Laren of stabilizers. This hybrid camera stabilizer has a double shock absorber, and a center post to place for 2 monitors, HDMI wires installed in the post, and can support cameras up to 8kgs inside the rotary head and 16,5kgs cameras if you remove the rotary head. It is noice less and can be used while running sound without any issues.

The new 8 axis Basson Steady hybrid camera stabilizer Endless supposedly doubles the amount of time an operator can work with it before become fatigued when compared to other vest systems, due to the new design of the triple padded vest and the new isolated double shock absorber arm.

You can adjust all the Lcd monitors to allow very complex movements while still keeping your subject perfectly framed. The vest is super comfortable, and the design is very sleek.

Cons: Reserved for high-end cameras and ultra budget filmmaking.

Another comment from a professional source:

According to Cinescopophilia website a professional source for filmmaker “Endless is an Amazing 8-axis Hybrid Camera Stabilizer” Basson Steady introduce the New World’s First 8 Axis Hybrid Camera Stabilizer with Electronic Horizon & Electronic Pitch.”


Another comment from a professional source:

From Mudville Dubai, professional filmmaking company from Dubai.


Today we got confirmation on our tracking number for our specialist steady system, its basically a camera stabilizer on steroids with a gyro head, it allows us to setup quickly, move between the shots and the best thing it works with our EpicM and EpicX.

Its take us more then a year to decide on the best rig for our company and we are happy to say it will be here next week sometime. We invite all to come an view and can't wait to have it on set.

Are you ready for the new 8 axis Hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady model Endless?

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