Endless 4 Silverarrow for payload 1kg/8kgs or 5kgs/ 16kgs.

Endless 4 Blackbee for payload 1kg/6kgs or 2kgs/ 12kgs.

Combining this hybrid stabilizers with the new digital cameras brings endless possibilities for your projects.

The Endless 4 is the go-to hybrid gimbal steady camera stabilizer with electronic horizon & pitch, the choosen one for professional filmmakers worldwide.

2 versions
for all needs

Building what you dream of


Beyond your imagination

You can add 2 SDI & HDMI Lcd Monitors of 12volts, with 1/4" female screw.

We recommend 5" for the handle & 7" to 9" for the bottom of the center post 

This monitors can be powered with the installed 2,5mm mini jack cables. Also on top of the center post now it has HDMI, SDI, USB, D-TAP 14.8v, and a plug with 25volt to power the rotary head.

On the handle you also have the same options, and at the bottom you have SDI, HDMI, a lighter plug with 14.8volts & 3 USB cables to connect them to any v-mount battery with USB port.


Setting the new standards

This NEW HYBRID Basson Steady ENDLESS 4 it's a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, best of both worlds.

Now it comes with HDMI, SDI video signals, USB-C to power any accessory and D-TAP 14,8v to power your camera, and the plug with 25volt output to power the gimbal rotary head,  


Innovative minds make wonders

Now it is compatible with Dji RONIN RS2 & Dji RONIN 4D gimbals or other similar gimbals.

You can mount to one the of the clamps on the handle of the steady a wireless Tilta Thumb controller for the DJI Ronin RS2 gimbal and also attach it to the handle of our steady to control the lens focus as well as to press record start and stop

At the top of the center post now we provide D-TAP 14,8v to power your Dji Ronin RS2 & Ronin 4D gimbals. You can also attach your phone as a monitor to the handle of the steady to control the Dji Ronin RS2 gimbal with the App wireless.

compatible with

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This new stabilizer can be used in 3 different modes, First as a regular steady, Second you can add any Dji Ronin RS2 gimbal on top of the steady, & Third with our gimbal rotary head.