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Return Policy, Coverage, How to claim & Factory Refurbished


How it works the international warranty?

What happens with my camera stabilizer after warranty expires?

How can I buy parts for my camera stabilizer after warranty expiration date?

What happens if I need any replacement part for my camera stabilizer?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  

The quality and craftsmanship is great quality, and we guarantee the value of this camera stabilizer. Here are some important reminders you should know about our policy. Please read carefully.  

For customers whose warranty has expired and want replacement parts, you can always contact us by email, phone or fax at our contact addresses. Replacement parts are sold directly from our factory to the consumer, in the event that repairs or replacement parts are required, contact us by phone or whatsapp to:+54911-4472-6757

or by email :





What's the warranty time for the purchase of a camera stabilizer?


What is included and covered by the warranty of a camera stabilizer?


How long is a factory warranty of a camera stabilizer?

Any manufacture defect in materials and/or workmanship not caused by the bad use of the steady for One year.  

If appear any factory defected part on your product we will ship a new piece or replacement part within next few days by Fedex at our own expenses. Refurbished products, only have 90 days warranty against broken pieces, does not cover material or workmanship defects.





How to claim for broken parts or spare parts for my camera stabilizer?

You must send at least two pictures showing the damaged piece or failure of the product by email, after received we will evaluate the damage and we will proceed to solve the problem.





How do I return an online order of a camera stabilizer?


Can I return my purchase of a camera stabilizer if I'm not satisfied?


How many days do I have to return to return a camera stabilizer?


How much you charge for restocking fee of a camera stabilizer?

Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, merchandise can only be returned within 7 days from received, all returns must be in original conditions, with unmarked packing painting and with all supplied parts.


Another u$s 700.- to u$s 900.- depending on the product you have bought, will also be deducted for coming and going shipping and for exportation taxes. Returns must be delivered to our warehouse in Miami U.S.A if you are in the U.S.A, other destinations contact us for further information.


Once there this product will be send back to Argentina for inspection. All this process may take 30 days more or less. Money will be returned through wire transfer to the customer’s bank account.


Handling and custom taxes are non refundable, too. The exchange part is under warranty for the reminder of the original product’s warranty.


Pictures, tech data in our web site, magazine ads, brochure, or demo cd rom may vary from the product purchased by you without any advice. All our products and it’s accessories are always being modified to improve them in every aspects.





What is not included and not covered by the warranty of a camera stabilizer?


What is not covered under factory warranty when you purchase a camera stabilizer?


- Customer instruction: is given by email or fax.

- Installation and set up.

- Damage for misuse or neglect.

- Damage caused for one or some broken pieces of the camera stabilizer to the camcorder, lens, accessories, spare parts added to the camera stabilizer, as well as damage caused to the camera stabilizer operator or a third person even if caused for a manufacture failure or defect in the construction.

- Does not cover any health inconvenience caused to the operator or third person involved caused by the use of the camera stabilizer.

- If the camera stabilizer was modified or incorporated into other products.

- Acts of God





- By purchasing and or using this camera stabilizer you agree to be bound by the terms of this warranty.

- The customer accept this terms and conditions, and confirm that this warranty was read, understood, and accepted.





What are the general instructions for proper use of a camera stabilizer?


It is important to read the full instructions before use in order to take full advantages of the camera stabilizer and prevent accidental damage.

Do not exceed to maximum specified load (see specifications)

Always engage safety locks and devices where applicable on the product.

Do not use the product at temperatures less than -0°C or more than +50°C (-32°F/ +122°F).

Dry the product after use in wet conditions.

Not recommended to use in seawater.

Do not leave the product under the sun for long periods and avoid high temperatures e.g. in a car or behind glass for hours.

Do not leave your camera stabilizer unattended when working where the general public could be endangered.

It is recommended that the product be removed from the support for transportation.

Clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Remove dust and sand from all locking threads and sliding segments.

The camera stabilizer does not require regular lubrication but if required, use a standard lubricant oils or grease.

In the event on the product becoming defective, you should contact us directly without intermediaries.

For further information about any of our mechanic camera stabilizer systems or about our hybrid camera stabilization systems,

please visit our website:

Contact us:
Basson Steady in U.S.A (United States)
For more information or for specific requests, please contact our customer service:
Telephone Miami U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752
Tel / whatsapp: + (54 911) 4472-6757
(Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00  (U.S.A East coast time)

Factory Refurbished Camera Stabilizers

Factory Refurbished Product FAQ

Q1. What are the camera stabilizer refurbished products?


We may occasionally have products that we offer as factory Refurbished units, this means that are new products that were never used by us or returned by any customer, so it's a new unit as all the camera stabilizers we manufacture that never left our facility, the only difference is that may only have a tiny scratch or it may have any of the pieces that is not the latest version, but anyway works perfectly well as a non refurbished products, so it's a great opportunity to buy any of this products if available.


Q2. Are the refurbished camera stabilizers quality warranted?

Every refurbished camera stabilizer is tested thoroughly, the warranty on this product, is for one year worldwide, the same warranty terms and conditions as a non refurbished item. 

Warranty does not cover any defects or scratches or workmanship.

Q3. How can I buy a refurbished camera stabilizer? 

The factory refurbished products are available only in our website, the Basson Steady Online Store and other online platforms such as eBay, our ebay user name is pplaul, and our user name in Amazon is Basson Steady camera stabilizer. The refurbished products can not be purchased from Basson Steady authorized dealers.

Camera stabilizer Online Shop

For further information about any of our systems

or about our hybrid camera stabilization systems,

please visit our website:

Contact us:
Basson Steady in U.S.A (United States)
For more information or for specific requests, please contact our customer service:
Telephone Miami U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752
Tel / whatsapp: + (54911) 44726757
(Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00  (U.S.A East coast time)

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