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best steadycam steadicam Basson Steady hybrid camera stabilizer


Our prices in u$s dollars includes Free shipping worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex also includes sales tax, vat or tva and also includes free custom taxes up to 98%

basson steady hybrid camera stabilizers


Since it’s introduction of the first wearable camera stabilizer in 1975 since then it has been the best way to stabilize professional video cameras to create epic cinematic camera shoots.

However over the last years we’ve have seen the classic mechanic wearable camera stabilizer evolve into a hybrid wearable camera stabilizer gimbal to improve even more the stabilizty and smoothness to meet the new standards of the film industry.

Here you have a detailed list of our best wearable camera stabilizer options available to purchase.

Still not sure?, Read our Simple Camera Stabilizer Buying Guide!


What type of camera stabilizer should I get?


That’s the first question that comes to your mind when you see all the options available today, but don’t worry below I explain the four main kinds of Professional Camera Stabilizers we manufacture for DSLRs as well as for Digital Cinema Cameras, and for professional Camcorders.


1. The Classic Mechanic wearable camera stabilizer:

This kind of mechanic wearable camera stabilizer are the first camera stabilizers ever made. These video camera stabilizers are mostly used with high end digital cinema cameras as well as lightweight dslr cameras. It's made of 3 main components, also know as Vest stabilizers that combine together a comfortable vest, a center post with a gimbal handle and counterweights, and then a double shock absorber arm.

There is no limit on the length and height of the video camera you can use with this mechanic stabilizer, so it’s compatible with all Dslrs, Digital Cinema Cameras and professional Camcorders.


Some of the classic Mechanic camera stabilizers we manufacture are:

Silverarrow Pro 6 (for cameras between 6kgs to 16,5kgs)

Blackbee Pro 6 (for cameras between 3kgs to 12,5kgs)

Bumblebee Pro 6 (for cameras between 1kgs to 9,5kgs)

Lucy Pro 6 (for cameras between 0kgs to 9kgs)

Lucy Pro 4 (for cameras between 0kgs to 5,5kgs)


2. The Hybrid camera stabilizer Gimbal:

This new option has the latests advantages of mixing a mechanic stabilizer with gimbal technology, the result the perfect camera stabilization machine ever made. It is made of 4 main components, also know as Hybrid Vest stabilizers combine together a comfortable vest, a center post with a gimbal handle and counterweights, and then a double shock absorber arm, plus a gimbal rotary head, that works with brushless motors to improve the balance of the camera.

The Basson Steady hybrid stabilizer model Endless works with Dslr cameras as well a with digital cinema cameras from 0.5kgs to 8kgs same as the model Infinia.

Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are, 45cm length, 20cms height and 18cm width, and if you turn off the pitch motor you can use cameras, up to 48cm length, 22cm height and 18cm width.


Some of the best Hybrid camera stabilizer Gimbals we manufacture are:


(With Horizontal and pitch dual electronic axis)

Endless Silverarrow (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 16,5kgs if remove the head)

Endless Blackbee (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 14,5kgs if remove the head)

Endless Silverlight (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 12,5kgs if remove the head)


(With Horizontal electronic axis)

Infinia Silverarrow (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 16,5kgs if remove the head)

Infinia Blackbee (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 14,5kgs if remove the head)

Infinia Silverlight (for cameras up to 8kgs inside the head or 12,5kgs if remove the head)


The Hybrid camera stabilizer Gimbals are compatible with the following professional video cameras, Dslr, Digital Cinema Cameras and Camcorders such as the ARRI ALEXA mini, KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA, RED Epic, RED Weapon, RED Dragon, RED Helium, RED Raven, RED Scarlet, CANON C200, C300, CANON 5D, and all DSLRs full frame such as PANASONIC S1, S1R, SONY A7, NIKON D850, and also compatible with BLACK MAGIC POCKET, and all micro four third 4/3 cameras, and many more.



3. The Hybrid Ready wearable camera stabilizer Gimbal:

It is an improved version of a mechanic stabilizer that is compatible with our Hybrid Rotary Heads such as the models ENDLESS or INFINIA, this hybrid Ready stabilizer it’s already customized from our factory for that purpose from the beginning.

The Hybrid Ready models have several differences, such as the new isolate arm with decompressor which reduces the fatigue and duplicates the time you can hold it.

In the lower part of the central post now includes a sliding base with two sockets for v-mount batteries, which allows having a better foot that helps to keep the stabilizer more stable and a better balance control since sliding this base helps Improve the rolling, due to the physical laws with greater foot better stability.

It comes with 3 v-mount sockets instead of 1, which increases the time of usage by 3, It also has 24v output to power the rotary head.

The new gimbal handle puts total control over your camera into the palm of your hand, because now it has 3 articulated clamps with 1/4 male screw to attach any 5 inch or 7 inch monitor as well as a phone to control the camera via app, and a third clamp to attach a wireless lens control to control the zoom or focus of your lens.

It comes with HDMI and 14v output on the gimbal handle to power this monitor, and it also comes with the new quick release sliding plate on top.

It's not only the perfect choice for customers willing to buy the rotary head in the near future, but also all this improvements makes this version our top mechanic camera stabilizer ready for the electronic gimbal.


Some of Hybrid Ready camera stabilizers we manufacture are:

Silverarrow Hybrid Ready (for cameras between 6kgs to 16,5kgs)

Blackbee Hybrid Ready (for cameras between 4,5kgs to 14,0kgs)

Silverlight Hybrid Ready (for cameras between 3kgs to 12,5kgs)


As well as with the classic mechanic stabilizer, if you want to use this hybrid ready stabilizer without the accessory Rotary head, there is no limit on the length and height of the video cameras you can use, you just need to respect the max payload, so this hybrid ready stabilizer models are compatible with all video cameras on the market, from a large set up Sony Venice, Arri Alexa or Red One, up to a small micro four thirds camera, so it’s compatible with all Dslrs, Digital Cinema Cameras and professional Camcorders.

4. The Gimbal Rotary Head:

This rotary heads can be added to Our Hybrid Ready stabilizer, or you can also use it to update your own mechanic stabilizer. You can now convert your own mechanic stabilizer into a hybrid camera stabilizer, by adding this Rotary Head you will get an 8 AXIS HYBRID CAMERA STABILIZER with ELECTRONIC HORIZON & PITCH, perfect to hold video cameras from 2 Lbs = 1kgs up to 18 Lbs = 8kgs.

This rotary head comes with an electronic board controller that will help you hold the camera HORIZONTALLY STABLE and tilt balanced all the time.

By adding this rotary head to your own professional stabilizer you will be able to go from High mode to low mode in just 3 seconds, it works with SILENT MOTORS, It's noiceless, so you can now use at live events and also use the sound of your camera microphone.

Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are, 45cm length, 20cms height and 18cm width, and if you turn off the pitch motor you can use cameras, up to 48cm length, 22cm height and 18cm width.

Some of Hybrid Ready Camera stabilizers we manufacture are:

Endless Rotary head (Horizontal and pitch electronic axis for cameras from 0,5kgs to 8kgs)

Infinia Rotary head (Horizontal electronic axis for cameras from 0,5kgs to 8kgs)

The Electronic Rotary Head is Compatible with the following cameras, ARRI ALEXA mini, KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA. RED Epic, RED Weapon, RED Dragon, RED Helium, RED Raven, RED Scarlet, CANON C200, C300, CANON 5D, and all DSLRs full frame such as PANASONIC S1, S1R, SONY A7, NIKON D850, also compatible with BLACK MAGIC POCKET, and all micro 4/3 cameras such as PANASONIC GH5, GH5S, G9, Panasonic HC X1 4K Camcorder, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Camera, Canon Cinema EOS C500 4K Camera, Sony NEX-FS700RH 4K Ready Super 35mm, and many more.


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Bringing to our most exigent customers the most advanced camera stabilization systems For the community of motion picture and camera stabilization operators from all over the world since 1997.

We provide the very best in customer service with our unique worldwide warranty and customer support on the net.  Our company Basson Steady camera stabilizer offers solutions and support Via direct email or phone direct from our factory to the customer without intermediates.

We are credited as being one of the best world leader manufacturers and designers of professional camera stabilization systems, offering a wide range product line for professionals as well as for beginners, serving the most exigent customers in five continents since 1997.




Ways to place an order:


1- Just follow the steps of the “ADD TO CART ” process from our web site.


2- By email or fax:  Just send us an email/fax mentioning the product of your choice and the accessories you will need, also ad your complete delivery address as well as a phone number for Fedex shipping, we will reply this email within the next few hours, with all the payment instructions and the bundle offers we have.


3- Contact us by phone to  (++54911) 4472-6757. Or to our telephone from U.S.A +1 305 83 44752


4- Or you can arrange a visit to come to our factory in Argentina to test the products we manufacture and buy it here.





How To place an order direct from our web site: 


1 - Select the product of your choice from SHOP section, when you are ready to order click on  “ADD TO CART” button, the you can continue buying any accessory if you wish, after that you can CHECK OUT or delete an unwanted item.


2- If you clicked “CHECK OUT” button, a new window will be opened to “LOG IN” as an USER or to REGISTER  as a new one, after that you can now click again on “CHECK OUT” button.


3- A new window will now ask you for your billing and shipping information, after completed click  “CONTINUE” button, then a new window will ask you to confirm the order, PAY OFFLINE and this order will come direct to our factory to be processed by us.


4- An email will be send to you within the next two days with all the steps to complete the payment.




The cost of the shipping of our products is included in almost all the camera stabilizers from our web site, YES as you hear, we ship worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex no matter where you live you will receive your order at your door at the fastest and easy way without complicated customs procedures.


Does not include any applicable duty fees or taxes from your country.

We always have all the products in stock so once the payment is done and accredited to our bank account. In case of hybrid camera stabilizers it takes us 5 days to process an order.


After that we will call Fedex for the pick up for the next business day, and the shipping time to any country according to Fedex is 48/72 hrs to America, 72/96 hrs to Europe/Africa, and 96 hrs eastern Europe, Asia.




The payment methods we accept for international orders are, wire transfer to our bank account without surcharge or Pay Pal plus 5,5% Paypal fees.

If you choose Paypal let me remind you that we will only delivery the steady to the Paypal account owner verified address, if you choose wire transfer we can deliver the steady to any address. 


If you Choose bank Transfer as payment method and then when filling the order form you decide to change the payment method to PayPal, once we receive the order you will be asked to send another payment to us with the 5,5% fee surcharge for PayPal fees.


All our camera stabilizers are in stock anyway to prepare an order usually takes around 5 business days to prepare it, after that we call Fedex for the pick up and then according to Fedex the delivery time should be around 5 days to reach to your door.


For further information contact us

by email and you will receive full instructions, or by:

Phone or whatsapp (+54911) 4472-6757.

Or to our telephone from U.S.A +1 305 83 44752








Your satisfaction on products is guaranteed!  The quality and craftsmanship is great quality, and we guarantee the value of this camera stabilizers. Here are some important reminders you should know about our policy. Please read carefully.  

For customers whose warranty has expired and want replacement parts, you can always contact us by email, phone or fax at our contact addresses.




Any manufacture defect in materials and/or workmanship not caused by the bad use of the steady for One year.  

If appear any factory defected part on your product we will ship a new piece or replacement part within next few days by Fedex at our own expenses. Refurbished products, only have 90 days warranty against broken pieces, does not cover material or workmanship defects.




You must send at least two pictures showing the damaged piece or failure of the product by email, after received we will evaluate the damage and we will proceed to solve the problem.




Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Merchandise can only be returned within 7 days from received. All returns must be in original conditions, with unmarked packing painting and with all supplied parts.


Another u$s 700.- to u$s 900.- depending on the product you have bought, will also be deducted for coming and going shipping and for exportation taxes. Returns must be delivered to our warehouse in Miami U.S.A if you are in the U.S.A, other destinations contact us for further information.


Once there the product will be send back to Argentina for inspection. All this process may take 30 days more or less. Money will be returned through wire transfer to the customer’s bank account.


Handling and custom taxes are non refundable, too. The exchange part is under warranty for the reminder of the original product’s warranty.


Pictures, tech data in our web site, magazine ads, brochure, or demo cd rom may vary from the product purchased by you without any advice. All product and it’s accessories are always being modified to improve them in every aspects.




- Customer instruction: is given by email or fax.

- Installation and set up.

- Damage for misuse or neglect.

- Damage caused for one or some broken pieces of the product to the camcorder, lens, accessories, spare parts added to the product, as well as damage caused to the operator or a third person even if caused for a manufacture failure or defect in the construction.

- Does not cover any health inconvenience caused to the operator or third person involved caused by the use of the camera stabilizer.

- If the product was modified or incorporated into other products.

- Acts of God




- By purchasing and or using this product you agree to be bound by the terms of this warranty.

- The customer accept this terms and conditions, and confirm that this warranty was read, understood, and accepted.




It is important to read the full instructions before use in order to take full advantages of the product and prevent accidental damage.

Do not exceed to maximum specified load (see specifications)

Always engage safety locks and devices where applicable on the product.

Do not use the product at temperatures less than -0°C or more than +50°C (-32°F/ +122°F).

Dry the product after use in wet conditions.

Not recommended to use in seawater.

Do not leave the product in the sun for long periods and avoid high temperatures e.g. in a car or behind glass for hours.

Do not leave your product unattended when working where the general public could be endangered.

It is recommended that the product be removed from the support for transportation.

Clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Remove dust and sand from all locking threads and sliding segments.

The product does not require regular lubrication but if required, use a standard lubricant oils or grease.

In the event on the camera stabilizer becoming defective, you should contact any authorized BASSON STEADY service agent.

LEGAL NOTICE: Do not be confused, we are Basson Steady Camera Stabilizers, manufacturers of all kind of camera stabilizers, specially dedicated to manufacture and design wearable camera stabilizers, hybrid and mechanic, as well as gimbals, rotary heads, handheld stabilizers and more.

All the camera stabilizers we sell in our website have our own brand name Basson Steady on it, and we do not sell our camera stabilizers with any other competitor brand name or logo, so if you are looking for any other brand of manufacturer you must go to their own website.

The use of a mentioned trademark brand names to describe our goods or services is known as 'nominative fair use' this is a non-infringing use, this brand names are mentioned neither to create confusion, nor to disparaging the trademarked product. It is also permitted to use a trademark as a means for comparison.

Comparative advertising it is also allowed, since it benefits consumers by providing several options and encouraging competition. It is also allowed the use of similar words associated to registered brand names or products mentioned in this website that have become generic with the years due to their name's widespread popularity, it is a non-infringing use.


These are uses that inform, educate, or express opinions protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech and of the press.

By law, you need not request permission to use a trademark belonging to another if it is for an editorial or informational use. Trademark "ownership" is not absolute, you can use a trademark belonging to another person or company if you use the mark for: informational or editorial purposes to identify specific products and services, or if your use is part of an accurate comparative product statement. In other words, the use of a trademark does not necessarily qualify as an infringement if the user is not actually using the trademark as a mark.

Informational Uses of a Trademark Are Permissible Informational (or “editorial”) uses of a trademark do not require permission from its owner.

Finally, you are also permitted to use trademarks for purposes of parody or commentary without fearing a claim of trademark infringement.

Using Trademarks for Comparison Under trademark law you are generally permitted to use a trademark as a means for comparison. For example, you could create a newspaper advertisement that incorporates your mark and your competitors' marks in order to describe a difference between the companies.

A trademark does not mean, however, that no one else can use your word, phrase, or symbol in connection with any and all goods and services. In an effort to promote competition and fair use, the Federal Trade Commission carved an exception to the general rule protecting trademark owners.

Necessary use of a third-party trademark to describe your goods or services is known as 'nominative fair use'  this is a non-infringing use where there is no likelihood of confusion.

The fair use doctrine allows a competitor to use a trademarked product name without permission if the use is not likely to create confusion. Nominative use occurs when a business must use a trademarked product name to identify the trademark owner's product. The Federal Trade Commission encourages companies to use comparative advertising, since it benefits consumers by providing several options and encouraging competition.

According to the Federal Trade commission, companies can use a trademark owner's product name for comparative advertising purposes, as long as the competitor is not disparaging the trademarked product or its owner and can substantiate its claim.

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