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We are manufacturers and designers of mechanic and hybrid stedicam gimbal camera stabilizers providing the most advanced camera stabilization systems for the community of motion picture and steadicam operators from all over the world since 1997 if you need more information contact us, we sell the best stedicam on the market today, our brand Basson Steady is well know all over the world, we are credited as one of the top 3 worldwide stedicam manufacturers, you will find all you need in our exclusive international online shop, we serve our customers direct from our factory to the hole world without intermediates.

Here at Stedicam Basson Steady camera stabilizers located in Miami Florida United States we offer a reliable international warranty policy when you purchase any camera gimbal or camera stabilizer gimbal. In our exclusive camera stabilizer online store we also sell top rated 3 axis gimbal for customers located in the United States as well as worldwide, we are wordwide exporters of stedicams, gimbal, hybrid stedicam gimbals and 3 axis gimbal rotary heads all manufactured with the latest gimbal stabilizer technology.

We have the best camera gimbal for your Dslr camera as well as for digital cinema cameras or professional camcorders, we also sell dslr gimbals dslr stabilizers camera stabilizer dslrs and video camera stabilizers, find out more about the real stedicam history read our comparisons between steadicam vs gimbal vs camera stabilizing vs hybrid Stedicam Basson Steady model Endless and Infinia.


Hybrid steadycam rigs and mechanic rigs Online Store for the most exigent Steadicam Operators and filmmakers worldwide.


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Our simple Professional Stedicam Camera Stabilizer Buying Guide!


What type of professional stedicam camera stabilizer should I get?


That’s the first question that comes to your mind when you see all the options available today, but don’t worry below I explain the four main kinds of Professional Stedicam Camera Stabilizers we manufacture for DSLRs as well as for Digital Cinema Cameras, and for professional Camcorders.


1. The Classic Mechanic Stedicam:

This kind of mechanic stabilizers are the first camera stabilizers ever made, mostly used with high-end digital cinema cameras as well as lightweight dslr cameras.

There is no limit on the length and height of the video camera you can use with this mechanic stedicam, so it’s compatible with all Dslrs, Digital Cinema Cameras and professional Camcorders.

To read more in depth about all our Classic Mechanic Stedicam please click here.


2. Hybrid Steadycam Gimbal:

This new option has the latests advantages of mixing a mechanic stedicam with gimbal technology, the result the perfect camera stabilization machine ever made.

The Basson Steady hybrid stedicam model Endless works with dslr cameras as well a with digital cinema cameras from 0.5kgs to 8kgs same as the model infinia, now supports bigger cameras the maximum recommended camera sizes are, 45cm length, 20cms height and 18cm width and if you turn off the pitch motor you can use cameras up to 48cm length by 22cm height by18cm width.

The Hybrid Stedicam Gimbals we manufacture are compatible with the following professional video cameras, Dslr, Digital Cinema Cameras and Camcorders, such as ARRI ALEXA mini, KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA, RED Epic, RED Weapon, RED Dragon, RED Helium, RED Raven, RED Scarlet, CANON C200, C300, CANON 5D, and all DSLRs full frame such as PANASONIC S1, S1R, SONY A7, NIKON D850, also compatible with BLACK MAGIC POCKET, and all micro four third 4/3 cameras, and many more.

To read more in depth about all our Hybrid Stedicam Gimbal please click here.


3. The Hybrid Ready Steadycam Gimbal:

It is an improved version of a mechanic stedicam that is compatible with our Hybrid Rotary Heads such as the models ENDLESS or INFINIA, this Hybrid Ready Stedi cam it’s already customized from our factory for that purpose from the beginning.

It's not only the perfect choice for customers willing to buy the rotary head in the near future, but also all this improvements makes this version our top mechanic stedicam camera stabilizer ready for the electronic gimbal.

The Hybrid Ready models have several differences, such as the new isolate arm with decompressor which reduces the fatigue and duplicates the time you can hold it. In the lower part of the central post now includes a sliding base with two sockets for v-mount batteries.

It comes with 3 v-mount sockets instead of 1, which increases the time of usage by 3, It also has 24v output to power the rotary head.

The new gimbal handle puts total control over your camera into the palm of your hand, because now it has 3 articulated clamps with 1/4 male screw to attach any 5 inch or 7 inch monitor as well as a phone to control the camera via app, and a third clamp to attach a wireless lens control to control the zoom or focus of your lens.

As well as with the classic mechanic stedicam, if you want to use this hybrid ready stedi cam without the accessory Rotary head, there is no limit on the length and height of the video cameras you can use, you just need to respect the max payload, so this hybrid ready stedicam models are compatible with all video cameras on the market, from a large set up Sony Venice, Arri Alexa or Red One, up to a small micro four thirds camera, so it’s compatible with all Dslrs, Digital Cinema Cameras and professional Camcorders.

To read more in depth about all our Hybrid Ready Stedicam Gimbal please click here.


4. Gimbal Rotary Heads:

This rotary heads can be added to Our Hybrid Ready Stedi cam, or you can also use it to update your own mechanic stedicam.

You can now convert your own mechanic steadicam into a hybrid stedicam camera stabilizer, by adding this Rotary Head you will get an 8 axis hybrid stedicam camera stabilizer with electronic horizon & pitch, perfect to hold video cameras from 2 Lbs = 1kgs up to 18 Lbs = 8kgs.

This rotary head comes with an electronic board controller that will help you hold the camera horizontally stable and tilt balanced all the time.

By adding this rotary head to your own professional stedicam you will be able to go from High mode to low mode in just 3 seconds, it works with silent motors, It's noiceless, so you can now use at live events and also use the sound of your camera microphone.

Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are, 45cm length by 20cms height by18cm width, and if you turn off the pitch motor you can use cameras, up to 48cm length by 22cm height by 18cm width.

The Electronic Rotary Head is Compatible with the following cameras: ARRI ALEXA mini, KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA. RED Epic, RED Weapon, RED Dragon, RED Helium, RED Raven, RED Scarlet, and with all DSLRs full frame such as PANASONIC S1, S1R, SONY A7, NIKON D850, also compatible with BLACK MAGIC POCKET, and all micro 4/3 cameras such as PANASONIC GH5, GH5S, G9, and with all professional camcorders such as the Panasonic HC X1 4K Camcorder, and many more.


To read more in depth about all our Gimbal Rotary Heads please click here.

Basson Steady, was created in 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Since then the company has constantly improved on existing methods and materials to produce the best products on the market, at the same time we have developed new methods to meet the challenge presented by technological progress.


We are a well known as a truly professional video camera stabilizer manufacturer, and as result of that our stabilizers are currently being operated in five continents.

To read more in depth About us, please click here.



If you already are a professional Steadicam Operator the new

Hybrid stedIcam gimbal with 8 axis Hybrid Video stabilizer

is a dream come truth! the Perfect choice for Dslrs, Professional Camcorders or Digital Cinema Cameras



This new 8 axis Hybrid STEADY CAM BASSON STEADY video camera stabilizers it's a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, best of both worlds.


It comes with an electronic board controller that will hold the camera horizontally stable all the time, regardless of the axis you are moving the steady. 

Easy comparable to the Arri trinity rig, or to the mk-v ar rotary head systems, all different designs and products with one thing in common, all high end hybrid electro mechanic gimbal steadicam camera stabilizers.


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We are the leading manufacturer and designer of professional hybrid and mechanic stedicam gimbal providing the most advanced camera stabilization systems for the community of motion picture and filmmakers from all over the world since 1997. Contact us if you need any help or if you need more information, we offer a wide range of professional stedicams for all kind of jobs that will work perfect for Wedding Videographer as well as for a proffesional Cinematographer, we also manufacture and sell the best stedicam for Red Digital Cinema Cameras as well as for Arri Alexa or Arri Alexa mini Digital Cinema Cameras and for dslr filmmaking or dslr cinematography. You can also find here information about free exclusive stedicam workshops, so do not wait more time join us today and be part of our family of happy stedicam operators from all over the world, have instant access to the latest technology in camera stabilization and  hybrid steadycam rigs, we have the best hybrid stedicam gimbals available today, manufactured with top technology in camera stabilization, for sure we have the best stabilizers for your dslr camera, just visit our online superstore for the latest dslr video support and rigs, read the professional reviews about our hybrid stedicam camera stabilizers rated as world's best stedicam.




Welcome to our Support Webpage.

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Technical Assistance
If you need technical assistance for your steady cam stabilizer , you have all the detailed information on the CD included with the steady you bought as well as in the manual in pdf format, beyond this you can contact us for any technical query from any country in the world with a call from local phone, or through Tel/WhatsApp +54911- 4472-6757

from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday, the East Coast of the United States, we speak English and Spanish, we also understand some Italian and French.

Request Help: send us an e-mail to describe the product's issue and provide your purchase information.

A service case will be generated automatically for you.

See our worldwide contact phones for local support telephone numbers


Asistencia técnica

Si necesitas ayuda técnica para tu steadycam, tienes toda la informacion detallada en el cd rom incluido con el steady que compraste asi como tambien el manual en formato pdf, mas alla de esto puedes comunicarte con nosotros para cualquier consulta tecnica desde cualquier pais del mundo con una llamada de telefono local,

o por medio de Whatsapp al +54911- 4472-6757 

dentro del horario de 9.00 am hasta 18pm de lunes a viernes horario costa este de Estados unidos, hablamos Ingles y español, tambien comprendemos algo de italiano y Frances.

Visite la seccion CONTACT para ver los numeros de telefono locales,  para llamarnos y obtener soporte tecnico personalizado en diversos paises del mundo.

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Sharing the experience of using a stedicam Basson Steady

Product Feedback and reviews

A worldwide community of Happy Customers since 1997.

Decades of experience designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting professional camera stabilizers to the community of Professional Cinematographers and filmmakers worldwide,

giving personalized support direct from our factory to all our customers worldwide.

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Hear also the Testimonials straight from other Professional Sources

According to the report from StudioBinder about 15 best camera stabilizer systems, they qualified the new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady model Endless as the best vest system stabilizer on the marketPros: This stabilizer is really fun to watch. If you ever get the chance to operate it, you’ll quickly begin to understand why so many engineers and scientists seem to be a common profession among comic book villains. The Basson Endless 3 is the Mac Laren of stabilizers.....

Another comment from a Professional Source:
According to Cinescopophilia website a professional source for filmmaker “Endless is an Amazing 8-axis Hybrid Camera Stabilizer” Basson Steady introduce the New World’s First 8 Axis Hybrid Camera Stabilizer with Electronic Horizon & Electronic Pitch.”
Another comment from a Professional Source:
From Mudville Dubai, professional filmmaking company from Dubai.
Today we got confirmation on our tracking number for our specialist steady system, its basically a steadycam on steroids with a gyro head, it allows us to setup quickly, move between the shots and the best thing it works with our EpicM and EpicX. It take us more then a year to decide on the best rig for our company and we are happy to say it will be here next week sometime.

We invite all to come an view and can't wait to have it on set.

Are you ready for the new 8 axis Hybrid camera stabilizer Basson Steady?

For further information

about our hybrid camera stabilization system

Please visit our website:
Contact us:
Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer in U.S.A (United States)
For more information or for specific requests, please contact our customer service:
Tel Miami U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752
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(Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00  (U.S.A East coast time)
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