A Quick Guide To The Best steadycam Rigs

Over the last years we’ve have seen the classic mechanic steadycam evolve into something new and better, the result is the new hybrid steadycam gimbal the new standard in camera stabilization to meet the challenges of the film industry.

In this post we’re going to show you some of the best hybrid steadycam systems on the market today, explore the new affordable options we have, learn the basics about how the new hybrid steadycam works


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What is a steadycam rig?

The steadycam rig is a professional camera stabilization system made of three main components,

a double shock absorber arm that works as a suspension system, then a center post or sled that has a counterweights at the bottom to provide stability with a gimbal handle to isolate unwanted shakes and movements to the video camera and a double padded vest to distribute the weight of the hole steady cam rig system thru your body.

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The first steadycam rig was invented in the mid-1970's to be used in the film industry in Los Angeles California as a substitute for camera travelings.

The steadycam rig does not need any rails to move around, so the steadycam operator has total freedom of movement to walk and run, as well as to go up and down on stairs as well as to perform different smooth tracking movements without losing stability.

The effect of the steadycam rig shoots allows the viewer to follow the scene in the front line and lives details that immerse him in the director's perspective.


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