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What is the Best Gimbal for filmmakers?

Best gimbal for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Stabilizers


If you are looking for the Best Gimbal for professional filmmakers then check out this amazing Gimbal for DSLR as well as for Digital cinema cameras from 1kg to 8kgs.


The new line of hybrid gimbal steadycam camera stabilizers from Basson Steady, specially designed for professional video production allow camera operators to capture perfect smooth shots increasing the total freedom of movement.


Here’s a look at the Best Gimbal on the market today. 

Our new line of 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizers, a mix between a gimbal and a steadycam are a dream come truth.

Find out why those who stared with a cheap 3 axis gimbal are now buying the new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer.

We invite you to read a comparison between a gimbal and a hybrid gimbal steadycam .

Basson steady manufactures the Best Gimbal with 8-Axis hybrid steadycam gimbal camera stabilizer.

It's the perfect choice for DSLR cameras as well as digital cinema cameras such as ARRI Alea Mini or RED digtal cinea cameras.

Steadycam Basson Steady Camera Stabilizer Gimbal has various models for different camera weights and provides top customer service for the steadycam operators and for the Camera Stabilizer Gimbal operators community worldwide, with our exclusive global warranty and customer support online. 

We are credited as being one of the top rated manufacturers and designers of Camera Stabilizer Gimbal and hybrid Camera Stabilizer Gimbals and also for designing high end professional camera stabilization systems, offering a creative product line for professionals and amateurs, serving the most exigent camera operators and filmmakers from Hollywood California U.S.A and also for the global community of professional filmmakers and videographers in the five continents since 1997.


Our company Basson Steady camera stabilizer offers innovative solutions & support of our Camera Stabilizer Gimbal worldwide direct from our factory to the customer without intermediates.


best gimbal basson steady endless


Bassonsteady website is the top online store to shop the Best Gimbal steadycam

For professional gimbal operators or steadycam operators as well as for videographers & filmmakers worldwide.





If you are considering saving some money buying a 3 axis gimbal like a Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi, thinking that will give you the same results in terms of performance and stability as buying a 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal system, well the answer is NO.


You may have seen already many comparisons between 3 axis gimbals like the Dji Ronin or the or the Freefly Movi on youtube vs mechanical steadycams.


After doing the comparisons they find out whether a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer can indeed accomplish the similar camera moves like the mechanical steadycam on several situations and also gimbals performed better at longer distances to the subject you are filming.

Gimbals and steadycam both performed very well following a subject, going up or down on stairs, turning corners and more.


But they also realized that a 3 axis gimbals have many issues and It has several weaknesses when compared to the old classic mechanical steadycam that already has 5 axis stabilization just by physics and due to the mechanical design.


This is the main reason that explains why the classic mechanical steadycam were not replaced in the professional film industry and also explains why professional operators in Hollywood still use them as the main professional camera stabilizer. 


best steadycam steadicam Basson Steady hybrid camera stabilizer


Our prices in US$ dollars of our Best Gimbal hybrid steadycam Basson Steady Camera Stabilizer, includes FREE SHIPPING worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, also includes SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also includes FREE custom taxes up to 98%

basson steady hybrid camera stabilizers
Best gimbal basson steady endless

Considerations before you buying the Best gimbal for your camera


Some of these topics in the next section to help you to choose the right gimbal stabilizer for your camera.



No matter what camera you’re using there are some things to keep in mind:


1. Camera size and weight

The heavier the gimbal and the camera, the more weight you’ll be carrying with you. Most camera stabilizers are fairly light, but some of them weigh around 10 pounds, and maybe as much as 13 or 14 pounds with the camera secured, so it is always better to use a complete package like a hybrid steadycam gimbal that is a full package with vest and shock absorber arm.


2.  Balancing of the camera

The balance of a dslr stabilizer is also important, perhaps even more so than its weight, balance is measured by both how well it balances your camera and how easy it is to balance, a balanced camera stabilizer will be easy to use, making your job easier,
cheap gimbals will be hard to balance and very sensitive to minor changes in weight as well as very sensitive to inertia forces.


3. Powering the gimbal

All models require batteries to power the brushless motors, all gimbal stabilizers use lithium-ion batteries instead, it's as always recommended to have at least 2 or 3 sets of batteries to run a gimbal the hole day.



4. Available Shooting modes

The best gimbal for your camera have to be versatile enough to accommodate different cameras of various sizes and weights, as well as accommodate different shooting styles, the most professional gimbal stabilizers can be set up in multiple ways to accommodate various shooting styles, and also a wide range of camera weight payload and sizes.


5. Specs, Quality & Price

The price of a DSLR stabilizer can vary dramatically depending on the payload capacity as well as depending on the quality of the gimbal.

Best gimbals are Higher-priced and are more likely to have advanced features, and will generally achieve professional video stabilization results, and an improved performance.

best gimbal basson steady endless 3

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