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The Benefits of Purchasing and Using a stedycam

Camera Stabilizer

Many people use the terms steady cam, steadycam camera stabilizer interchangeably, however, all means the same and also the main purpose of these wearable stedicam camera stabilizers is the same, a mechanic or hybrid electro mechanic camera stabilizer that you wear with a vest to distribute the weight thru your body, with a schock absorber arm to reduce the camera shakes as well as to remove the up and down bounces caused while walking, and a center post with counterweights to compensate the video camera weight, specially designed to keep a video camera steady and still to create the perfect smooth cinematic look while walking or running giving the steadycam operator total freedom of movement, like never before.


The biggest benefit associated with purchasing a professional steadycam, steadycam or camera stabilizer is that it helps you to get a clear shot with a professional cinematic look.


All handheld camera operators get shaky at some point in time, they may become nervous about getting the perfect shot, or their hands may be getting tired due to holding a heavy weight camera for hours on end, either way, if the camera man's hands begin to shake or become unsteady, it can ruin the shot.


A steadycam camera stabilizer helps to stabilize the video camera, so that the shaky hands of a camera man will not ruin the shot, ensuring that the shot is not ruined due to shaky hands, uneven ground or other factors that can mess up a shot can be beneficial in a number of ways.


If you are producing a film, television show or commercial, time is money, if a shot has to be reshot over and over due to a shaky image, you can be wasting time, this can cause a project to go over budget, as you have to pay the film crew and actors for their time, so selecting a professional stedicam or steadycam camera stabilizer helps to ensure that the shot is right the first time, which can save time and money.


When it comes to a steadycam camera stabilizer, this can be beneficial whith all kind of cinematic shots, sometimes you may only have one chance to get the picture right, things are constantly moving and if you miss your chance to get a shot think to shaky hands or other movement, you may not get the opportunity to go back in time and get that moment, a couple only has one first kiss on their wedding day or you can only capture that beautiful moment for a limited amount of time.


Are you ready to ensure that shaky hands, movement or unsteady ground does not ruin your chance at getting a great cinematic shot?


Here at Basson Steady, located in Miami, FL, we sell a variety of professional mechanic or hybrid electro mechanic stedicam, steadycam camera stabilizers.


Contact us today to find the one right for you.


Our prices in U$S Dollars of our 8 axis hybrid steadycam Basson Steady Camera Stabilizer includes FREE SHIPPING worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, also includes SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also includes FREE custom taxes up to 98%

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