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The new 8 axis hybrid steadycam Basson Steady model Endless

Welcome to the Professional Steadycam Shop Online


A specialized website about mechanic and hybrid Steadycam camera stabilization systems designed for cinema, television, for professionals as well as for amateurs.

If you are looking for epic camera movements to improve your shoots without inopportune tremors clouding the visual experience of the viewer, you're in the right place.

If you are a cameraman, videographer, filmmaker, and you want your scenes to be taken with the seriousness they deserve, the steadycam system is the solution that will capture the interest of the most demanding public.


The relentless pursuit of technological perfection made us create a masterfully engineered hybrid electro mechanic solution, redefining camera stabilization for ever, a truly natural freedom of movement experience.


Basson Steady camera stabilizer provides the best customer service for the steadycam Operators community worldwide with our unique international warranty and customer support on the net. 


Our company Basson Steady camera stabilizer offers solutions and support via direct email or phone direct from our factory to the customer without intermediates.


We are credited as being one of the best world leader manufacturers and designers of professional camera stabilization systems, offering a wide range product line for professionals as well as for beginners, serving the most exigent customers in five continents since 1997.

Accomplish delicate movements like never before with our new line of 8 Axis Hybrid camera stabilizer.

Now It’s your move, find out what Basson Steady can do for you.