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DSLR Gimbal

The Importance of a Warranty When Buying a DSLR Stabilizer

Basson steady manufactures the best 8-Axis hybrid electro mechanic Motorized DSLR Gimbal steadycam Stabilizer, the perfect choice to hold DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras for the professional Hollywood filmmakers.


When you are looking at buying a DSLR gimbal or a DSLR stabilizer, one of the things that you need to carefully look at is the warranty that comes with the equipment you are buying, in most cases, the pieces of equipment you are buying comes from the manufacturer itself, however, in some cases, the shop that you purchase the equipment from may also offer a warranty or offer a liberal return policy.


All our dslr gimbals or dslr stabilizers as well as all the steadycam camera stabilizers we manufacture comes with a worldwide warranty, so this means that does not matter where you live, in fact if you have any problem you will be in direct contact with the designer of that product that is also the owner of the company to solve any issue you may have.


Our Company Basson Steadt camera stabilizer offers creative solutions and support of our hybrid DSLR Gimbal Stabilizers worldwide via direct email or phone direct from our factory to the customer without intermediates.


In our contact section we have an extensive list of local phone numbers to call us from all five continents.


Here are a couple reasons why it is so important to look at the warranty when buying a DSLR stabilizer, specially if you are considering buying online from a store located in China.


One of the biggest reasons why you want to consider the warranty when you are purchasing a DSLR gimbal or a DSLR stabilizer is because you want to ensure the item lasts as long as it is supposed to.


Sometimes items simply are not manufactured properly, which can lead to imperfections or problems with the unit.


Professional video gear, including Dslr gimbal stabilizers, is not inexpensive, this is why you want to ensure the Dslr gimbal or DSLR stabilizer is protected and covered by a warranty.


Another reason why it is important to look at the warranty when buying a DSLR gimbal or a DSLR stabilizer is because you want to ensure what types of things are or are not covered by a warranty, not every company covers the same things when it comes to DSLR gimbal stabilizers.


You want to carefully read through the warranty so you know what types of damage may be covered and what types of damage you may need to pay out of pocket to have repaired.


Are you looking to purchase a DSLR gimbal or a DSLR stabilizer in the United States, or worldwide?

Here at Steadycam Basson Steady, we have a wide selection to shop from.

Stop by our online shop today to see our current inventory.


Our prices in U$S Dollars of our 8 axis hybrid steadycam Basson Steady Camera Stabilizer DSLR gimbals for digital cinema cameras includes FREE SHIPPING worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, also includes SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also includes FREE custom taxes up to 98%

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