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Basson Steady INFINIA 3, best hybrid electro-mechanic camera stabilizer gimbal in 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Basson Steady camera stabilizers just launched a new line of hybrid camera stabilizers, models with electronic horizon. INFINIA 3 Silverarrow payload 8kgs or 16,5kgs, INFINIA 3 Blackbee payload 8kgs or 14,5kgs and INFINIA 3 Silverlight payload 8kgs, or 12,5kgs.

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New 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizers with electronic horizonfrom Basson Steady camera stabilizers, electro mechanic gimbal stabilizer steadycam.

Basson Steady camera stabilizer was founded in 1997, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and design of professional video camera stabilizers, has been selling its products worldwide since its beginning.

From now on, you can make any technical request and receive technical support from a local phone number, we speak in English and Spanish.

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Whats new about this model INFINIA 3 ?

Increased maximum payload instead of 5,5kgs, now support cameras up to 8kgs.

Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are up to 48cm length, 22cm height and 18cm width.

This NEW version has several differences, such as the new isolate arm with decompressor which reduces the fatigue and duplicates the time you can hold it.

In the lower part of the central post now includes a sliding base with two sockets for v-mount batteries, which allows having a better foot that helps to keep the stabilizer more stable and a better balance control since sliding this base helps Improve the rolling, due to the physical laws with greater foot better stability.

It comes with 3 v-mount sockets instead of 1, which increases the time of usage by 3.

The new gimbal handle puts total control over your camera into the palm of your hand, because now it has 3 articulated clamps with 1/4 male screw to attach any 5 inch or 7 inch monitor as well as a phone to control the camera via app, and a third clamp to attach a wireless lens control to control the zoom or focus of your lens.

This NEW Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer HYBRID 8 axis camera stabilizer it's a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, best of both worlds, it comes with an electronic board controller that will hold the camera HORIZONTALLY STABLE all the time, regardless of the axis you are moving the steady.

It also allows you to control the PITCH and ROTATION with your hands as with any regular steady in order to let you point your camera wherever you want.

You can still tilt up and down up to 45 degrees without loosing the Electronic horizon stabilization.

The main difference between Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer INFINIA and the Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer ENDLESS, is that ENDLESS also comes with other two motors for the Electronic PITCH, and also ENDLESS its 2 inches taller, but both have the same load capacity in weight.

Anyway this model Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer INFINIA, on its favor will let you make TILTS, UP & DOWN with your hand as you always did before, so it's more like the same feeling as with a regular steady that of course solves the problem of the HORIZON, and of course will let you go from high mode to low mode in just 3 seconds and still use the footage no matter the axis of the steady, because the camera will be ALWAYS HORZONTALLY BALANCED.

Another good one it's that INFINIA will let you use longer cameras due to the fact that you do not need to balance the PITCH inside the wheel, this way you have more freedom on the length of your camera, you just balance the camera inside the wheel, left-right and up-down with the micrometric knobs. You can go from High mode to low mode in just 3 seconds. It works with a SILENT MOTOR, It's noiseless, so you can now use at live events and also use the sound of your camera microphone. It comes with dual battery power sources.

It's a READY TO USE professional stabilizer, as any other steady requires physic balance, and for the electronic rotary wheel once its balanced you just need to press ON button to make it work.

It also comes with a new generation of shock absorber arm WITH DECOMPRESSOR , this new version works as an ISOLATE double shock absorber arm with 6 springs, top technology for camera stabilization and weight distribution.

This new arm at least DUPLICATE the time you can hold the steady on your body, it also increases the absorption and produce a noticeable reduced fatigue on your back as a result of the isolate effect of the arm.

The new CENTER POST can hold 3 LCD MONITORS, to do that now it comes with a NEW GIMBAL with 3 articulated clamps to mount any 5inch or 7 inch as well as a cellphone to control your camera via app, that allows you to have the monitor pointing directly to your face at a reduced distance regardless of the angle you are pointing the camera and regardless of the axis of the steady.

You can now shoot backwards while walking forward with your steady without compromising framing your shoot and also allows you to verify without any effort if the FOCUS IS CORRECT OR NOT. So there are NO MORE BLIND SPOTS.

This new monitor mount comes with a 14.4volts power cable and also an HDMI cable, this new way to mount the LCD MONITOR comes with a male 1/4" screw to hold any LCD monitor, we recommend to use a small LCD monitor such as the 5" smallhd or feelworld, or the new 7" smallhd monitor or feelworld.

The other option with this gimbal monitor mount, due that the new cameras comes with bluetooth, is to use your own small tablet such as an ipad mini, iphone or android smart phone to use it as a monitor just by adding any holder compatible with your device with a female 1/4" socket.

Another tip is that you can use the female lighter plug that is located at the bottom of the center post, to plug any a male lighter plug with USB charger with dual outputs to power or to charge any of the accessories you may want to use with this new hybrid camera stabilizer.

Today all new devices have can be charged via USB, so you can take advantage of that and power or charge any device such as the wireless lens controller hand unit and motor, as well as any other device such as your Cell Phone that can be used to monitor and to take full control of your video camera via app, or to power any USB led light, you can also charge or power any USB power bank.

For example on this photo we are using the the Male lighter plug Smart Car Finder from ZUS. that its not only a high quality dual USB charger but also a safety measure for the steady that thru an app on your cellphone will tell you where is your steady on a map. So each time you turn on the steady the app will point exactly where it is on a map thru the app on your cell phone.

This new Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizer 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizers are easy comparable to the Arri trinity rig, or to the mk-v ar rotary head systems, all different designs and products with one thing in common, all high end hybrid electro mechanic gimbal steadicam camera stabilizers. All brand names, models, trademarks, and registered trademarks mentioned in this description are property of their legal owners and are being used here only for description.

All brand names, models, trademarks, and registered trademarks mentioned in this description are property of their legal owners and are being used here only for description.

Steadycam Basson Steady camera stabilizers in U.S.A (United States)

For more information or for specific requests, please contact our customer service:

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