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Steadycam Rig

Why Price Matters When Buying a steadycam Rig

Camera stabilizing has many benefits associated with it, this is why both smaller filmmakers and large videography companies are investing in a professional hybrid or mechanic steadycam rig camera stabilizer.


If you are looking into camera stabilizing equipment, one of the things that you may quickly discover is that the steadycam rigs varies significantly in cost, with some entry level camera stabilizers costing several hundred dollars and some professional stedicam rigs ranging upwards of several thousand dollars.


When it comes to a steadycam rig camera stabilizer, price and quality does matter, here are a few of the reasons why price matters when buying camera stabilizing equipment.


One of the reasons why price matters when buying a steadycam rig is because the price can affect the quality of the materials that the rig is made from.


Ultimately, the materials that the stedicam rig is made from can affect the durability, the smoothness, also the weight of the rig, which also affects how comfortable and easy it is to carry, move and set up.


The type of material the stedicam rig is made from also affects how durable the stedicam rig is, what conditions the stedicam rig can be used in and the lifespan of the stedicam rig.


Another reason why price is important when selecting camera stabilizing equipment is because the price affects the technology that the stedicam rig camera stabilizer may have.


The lower priced camera stabilizing equipment are the handheld stabilizers, this may be fine for entry level amateurs, but not recommended for professionals who are shooting professional videos, tv commercials, video clips, and moore.


This professionals may need a professional stedicam rig specially a Hybrid steadicam rig camera stabilizer, to reach the maximum smoothnes due to the improvements of electronics added to the classic mechanic steadicam rigs, ultimately, these professional hybrid stedicam rig help to get a great shot, but they come with a much higher price tag.


You have to consider this when deciding what equipment you want to purchase, finally the last reason why price matters when you are looking to purchase camera stabilizing stedicam rig is because the price affects the brand that you purchase, there are pros and cons to different brands of steady cam rig camera stabilizers.


Different brands also have different warranties, think about it like purchasing a car, the amount you are willing to pay affects the type of car you can get, the same is true with professional stedicam rig camera stabilizing equipment, long-lasting, high-end equipment may cost more, but will work better and will last longer and have a higher resale value.


Consider this when determining how much you should pay for this type of equipment, here at Basson Steady, located in Miami, FL, we sell the steadycam rig camera stabilizing equipment you need, including classic mechanic stedicam rigs as well as the new hybrid electro mechanic steadycam rigs.


We can help you find the steadycam rig equipment you need in the price range you are looking for.


Visit our online store to shop our current inventory.


Our prices in U$S Dollars of our 8 axis hybrid steadycam rig Basson Steady includes FREE SHIPPING worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, also includes SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also includes FREE custom taxes up to 98%

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