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Should Newbies Purchase a Camera Gimbal DSLR or a Gimbal Stabilizer?

3 Axis Gimbal

A 3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer is used to help you remove the unwanted effect that motion has on video footage captured by a filmmaker or videographer, also the 3 axis gimbal camera stabilizer helps to stabilize the video camera so shaky hands or a camera person walking will not cause the shot to be shaky.


There are many different types of video camera stabilizers on the market, with one type being a three axis gimbal, or gimbal stabilizer.


If you are looking to purchase a video camera stabilizer, you may wonder if a three axis gimbal is a good option for you as a newbie, here is more information that you need to know.


A 3 axis gimbal, or camera gimbal DSLR, is a great camera stabilizer for both newbies and those who have advanced filmmaker or videographer skills, what sets the gimbal stabilizer apart from other handheld stabilizers, is the 3 motors and the electronic board that a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer has to improved stabilization.


This allows the video camera to pivot and move on almost any angle, while still being stable, being able to pivot with the video camera allows you to get unique shots and angles, which help to make your videos unique.


Many other handheld or mechanic camera stabilizers do not have electronic stabilization on any axis, let alone on three axis, this ultimately decreases your creativity while taking shots and limits the types of shots that you can take.


One of the reasons why a camera gimbal DSLR, or a gimbal stabilizer, is perfect for newbies is because you can experience a range of motion while taking good looking videos.


As a newbie, you do not want to get locked into taking videos that all feature the same angle, this will not help you to build up a professional looking portfolio, nor will it allow you to develop your videographic eye, in fact this can actually undermine the skills you are trying to develop and limit your growth.


Whether you are a newbie, a professional videographer, or you fall somewhere in the middle, a gimbal stabilizer can help you to get better video footage without having movement cause your shots to be shaky, fuzzy, unclear or unfocused, this allows you to get the shot you want easier, and allows it to look clear, focused and more cinematic.


Here at Basson Steady, located in United States Miami Florida, we specialize in professional video camera stabilizers, 3 axis gimbal, mechanic stedicam and hybrid electro mechanic steadycams, we are dedicated to helping you find the camera stabilizers you need to ensure your videos are always as perfect as they can be.


When you are in the market for a 3 axis gimbal, gimbal stabilizer and camera gimbal DSLR, we can help, reach out to us online and let us help you to find the equipment that can transform your videos.


If you are looking for epic camera movements to improve your video footage, you're in the right place, our new line of 8 axis gimbal steadycam hybrid camera stabilizers are a dream come truth.


Find out why those who bought a 3 axis gimbal are now buying the new 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizers.

Read from our blog a comparison between this two hybrid camera stabilizers​

If you are a gimbal operator, steadycam operator, cameraman, videographer, filmmaker , and you want your scenes to be taken with the seriousness they deserve, discover what is better than a 3 axis gimbal, our new line of hybrid steadycam systems are the best professional and affordable solution for cinematographers worldwide.

Want to shoot smooth, stable video? Find out what is better than any the best 3-axis gimbal stabilizer on the market.

Why settle for a 3 axis gimbal or a 5 axis gimbal, while you can buy an 8 axis hybrid gimbal steadycam camera stabilizer.




The best online gimbal store, better than any 3 Axis gimbals, 8 axis gimbal hybrid camera stabilizers for professional videographers, cameraman, steadycam operators and filmmakers worldwide.


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