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Why settle for a 3 axis gimbal dslr or a 5 axis gimbal dslr, while you can buy an 8 axis hybrid gimbal steadycam camera stabilizer.

At Basson steady we started developing hybrid electro mechanic steadycam gimbals back in 2007, and we took that concept and turn it into the most advanced technological camera stabilization machine ever created.


Our new line of 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal camera stabilizers are a dream come truth.

Find out why those who bought a 3 axis gimbal dslr are now buying the new 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal camera stabilizers.

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Considerations before you buying a 3 axis gimbal for your camera


Some of these topics in the next section to help you to choose the right gimbal stabilizer for your camera.



No matter what camera you’re using there are some things to keep in mind:


1. Camera size and weight

The heavier the gimbal and the camera, the more weight you’ll be carrying with you. Most camera stabilizers are fairly light, but some of them weigh around 10 pounds, and maybe as much as 13 or 14 pounds with the camera secured, so it is always better to use a complete package like a hybrid steadycam gimbal that is a full package with vest and shock absorber arm.


2.  Balancing of the camera

The balance of a dslr stabilizer is also important, perhaps even more so than its weight, balance is measured by both how well it balances your camera and how easy it is to balance, a balanced camera stabilizer will be easy to use, making your job easier,
cheap gimbals will be hard to balance and very sensitive to minor changes in weight as well as very sensitive to inertia forces.


3. Powering the gimbal

All models require batteries to power the brushless motors, all gimbal stabilizers use lithium-ion batteries instead, it's as always recommended to have at least 2 or 3 sets of batteries to run a gimbal the hole day.



4. Available Shooting modes

The best gimbal for your camera have to be versatile enough to accommodate different cameras of various sizes and weights, as well as accommodate different shooting styles, the most professional gimbal stabilizers can be set up in multiple ways to accommodate various shooting styles, and also a wide range of camera weight payload and sizes.


5. Specs, Quality & Price

The price of a DSLR stabilizer can vary dramatically depending on the payload capacity as well as depending on the quality of the gimbal.

Best gimbals are Higher-priced and are more likely to have advanced features, and will generally achieve professional video stabilization results, and an improved performance.

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What is the best 3 axis gimbal dslr stabilizer?

Without any doubts the best is the new 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal camera stabilizer, a mix of electro mechanic camera support, best of both worlds, its of course much better that any 3 axis gimbal dslr stabilizer. 3 axis gimbals are new and exciting tech but not a complete solution.

Specially designed to bring absolute freedom of movement to the camera operator without camera vibration or shakes. 


The new line of hybrid camera gimbal dslr stabilizers are powered by brushless motors that will keep the camera perfectly leveled on all axes as the operator walks, run or moves the camera.

Our new line of 8 axis camera gimbal dslr stabilizer or hybrid steadycam hybrid camera stabilizers for dslr as well as for digital cinema cameras are a dream come truth. 


This is the main reason why those who had previously bought a 3 axis gimbal dslr stabilizers, are now buying the new 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal stabilizers for dslr.

We are manufacturers and designers of the best gimbal dslr stabilizer or hybrid steadycam gimbal dslr stabilizer, providing the most advanced camera stabilization systems for the community of filmmakers, cinematographers and camera stabilization operators from all over the world since 1997.

We invite you to read from our blog a comparison between this two hybrid camera stabilizers.



3 axis gimbal dslr vs 8 axis hybrid camera stabilizer

If you ever thought that saving some money buying a 3 axis gimbal dslr like the ones from Dji Ronin or the Freefly Movi will give you the same results in terms of performance and stability as buying a 8 axis hybrid steadycam gimbal system, well the answer is NO...

Click on the photo or link above to continue reading the hole comparison between 3 axis gimbal vs 8 axis gimbal steadycam.

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